Wèi Up High
Wei up high
Season One
Episode Number 4
Premire Date March 15, 2012
Next Episode Wei's Buggy Best Three
Preview Episode Cannonbug
Writer by Charlotte Bushell

Wèi Up High is the fourth episode of the season 1 of The Lingo Show.


Wei has high hopes of becoming a stilt-walker for the Big Bug Show. While Lingo prepares the stage, Wei looks for the perfect pair of stilts and something high to walk over, while teaching viewers some new Mandarin words.


  • The title is a pun on the phrase, "way up high".
  • This episode and Balancing Bug featured all the Season 1 bugs.


The Lingo Show - Series 1 Episode 4 - Wei Up High11:02

The Lingo Show - Series 1 Episode 4 - Wei Up High

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