Wèi's Giant Jump
Season One
Episode Number 2
Premire Date March 13, 2012
Next Episode Cannonbug
Preview Episode Chop Chop
Writer by Paul Shuttleworth

Wèi's Giant Jump is the second episode of the season one of The Lingo Show.


Wei performs a spectacular long jump, while Lingo is curious as to how a carrot and an elephant will be used in the stunt.

Chinese bug Wèi wants to put on a bug-tastic chopping act for the Big Bug Show, so Lingo sends him off find what he needs at the restaurant and the Chinese shop.


Major appearanceEdit

Minor appearanceEdit


  • It is the only one one error of a season 1 in The Lingo Show; for reason, Wèi's helmet Chinese character, "虫" (chong in romeiji mode) was on the mirror side.


The Lingo Show - Series 1 Episode 2 - Wei's Giant Jump11:04

The Lingo Show - Series 1 Episode 2 - Wei's Giant Jump

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