Hey guys, it's Madison with some rather EXCITING news from our Mandarin Chinese friend, Wei!

"Ni hao! It's your buggy bestie Wei with some amazing news for all you Bug Buddies out there. I'm so glad to know the Mandarin language, and come from China, since a Chinese website I LOVE called Youku has THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON OF THE LINGO SHOW available for watching in all the countries of the world! That means all you non-UK people like WatermelonSunshine, Digipony, and, of course, my #1 fan Gumballcatcartoon get to learn marvelous Mandarin with me, fabulous French with Jargonaise, and super Spanish with Queso! In fact, I have a very special Mandarin phrase for you to learn today. It's '所有冰雹优酷!' (Suǒyǒu bīngbáo yōukù!)

That means 'all hail Youku!'

Can you say, 'Suǒyǒu bīngbáo yōukù?'


Click on the link to watch (Warning: The website's in Mandarin but the episodes are all in the English language, teaching Mandarin, French, and Spanish. Yaaaaay!!!)

Enjoy your whole first season of the Lingo Show, free!"

Isn't that AMAZING NEWS FOR EVERYONE?! Visit Youku today and start watchin'!

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