Subah Transport
Country Somalia
First Appearance Big Bug Show (game)
Chop Chop (episode)
Gender Female
Likes TBA
Dislikes/Hates TBA
Voice by Unknown

Subah is a Somali-speaking bug and the eight character in The Lingo Show who has minor appearance in Chop Chop.


Subah is a green bug with a fabulous shell which has polka dots and is shiny bluish-purple. She has six arms, and the shell covers her legs. She also has glow antenna.


  • Meaning of name: Derived from the Somali "subax", meaning "morning"
  • Favorite colour: Dugul - Purple
  • Favorite food: Baasto - Spaghetti
  • Hello: Haye


  • She is the only one who lives in the continent of Africa.
Main Character


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