Season One
Episode Number 11
Premire Date March 26, 2012
Next Episode Queso the Clown
Preview Episode Jargonaise's Buggy Best Three
Writer by TBA

Questanets is the eleventh episode of The Lingo Show.


Spanish bug Queso wants to put on a flamenco-dancing show in honor of his Spanish culture. But, he doesn't have castanets and a prop to make the stage look pretty. What will he find, and what Spanish words will he use along the way?



  • This episode is available on YouTube under the name of "The Lingo Show in Stalybridge".
    • It was filmed at Cheethans Park and Music Corner on Melbourne Road in Stalybridge, England, UK.
  • The title is a pun on either "Queso" or "quest" (referring to Queso's quest to find castanets) and "castanets".
  • This episode was the first one that the bubble machine was used for practice for the show.


The Lingo Show in Stalybridge

The Lingo Show in Stalybridge