Queso transparent
Country Spain
First Appearance Big Bug Show (game)
Chop Chop (episode)
Gender Male
Likes His own guitar
Dislikes/Hates Breaking his guitar
Voice by Fran Canals

With my guitar, I steal the show!

Queso is a Spanish bug and the third character in The Lingo Show who has appeared first in Chop Chop. But has major appearance in Questanets.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Queso is a cockroach with swirly antenna. His body is all orange, except his wings. He has a yellow guitar to carry, and his wings are purple.


He can dance and play his guitar in the show. He also makes a pretty good clown, and he's also really strong!


  • Meaning of name: Cheese
  • Favorite colour: Naranja - Orange
  • Favorite food: Queso - Cheese (That's what he got his name from)
  • Hello: ¡Hola!


  • He is the first bug have a tool/weapon. The second is Jaadoo and the third is Kikli.
  • He is never seen without his guitar and is a skilled guitarist.


Main Character


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Kikli , Dyzio , Subah

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