Dyzio transparent
Country Poland
First Appearance Chop Chop
Gender Male
Likes Sleeping
Dislikes/Hates TBA
Voice by Unkown

Dyzio is a Polish bug and the seventh character in The Lingo Show who has minor appearance in Chop Chop.



Dyzio is very lazy and tends to fall asleep a lot.


He's an orange stick bug-like insect, who has six legs with blue pompoms. His body is very long, and he has a pink-white-pink stripes on it. He has orange antennae that glow vermillion.


He can use his glow antenna when he shakes his body.


  • Name Meaning: Essentially the Polish equivalent to the name "Dewey" which means "beloved".
  • Favorite saying: Jej! - Wow!
  • Favorite colour: Pomarańczowy - Orange
  • Favorite food: Cebula - Onion
  • Hello: Cześć


  • He is the longest bug out of all the characters.
  • He's often mistake to wear a Polish flags.
    • However, he just ordinarily custom.
  • He's the only one character with a nose.
Main Character


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