(The Lingo Show opening)

Lingo: Ready, steady... You know, there really isn't room to practice a 10 part tower in here.

(the Bloozles fell over the floor and Lingo)

Lingo: How many times? Wait for the Big Bug Show! That's when we show off our bugtastic tricks to all the boys and the girls.


Lingo: Right on time. Someone's trying to call.

(Lingo pushes the button came out all of Big Bug Buddies)

Lingo: Hop-diddly-do! Some new friends. Hello! Would you like a Big Bug Show?

Bug Buddies: Yeeaaaahh! (laughs and claps)

Lingo: Oh, wobbly worms, this could be our bug break! But which of our superstar bugs will perform on today's show? Ready on the bug button, friends? Let's pick a bug!

(when the Bug Buddies pushes the button, they chosen Wèi once)

Wèi: Nín hǎo!

Lingo: Hello! Or as I should say, nín hǎo! It's Wèi, our Mandarin bug. Take it away... Wèi!

(Music opening, Wèi skates round and round and sing along together with Bloozles. Then BOOW.)

Lingo: Thank you, Wèi. Right, everyone, its takeoff time!

(Lingo pushes the button and the Big Bug Stage turns into cartoonist style)

Lingo: Up, up, up we go, to bring our friends our big bug show-oow!

(Flys away. Then they wanted into the playground.)

Lingo: Open up the big bug stage!

(FLoozles pushes the key because they are small and the Big Bug Stage goes back into real life. Suddenly the flag and Lingo poped out into the top.)

Lingo: Look, there are our new buggy buddies, but before we call them over, we need a bugtastic show. Wèi?

Wèi: Nín hǎo!

Lingo: What can you do for us?

Wèi: I can do some chopping. *sign I will chop something with only my bare hands.

Lingo: Perfect! Yes! *imaging/thinking Ladies and gentlebugs, bugs and girls, Wèi will razzle and dazzle you, with his champion shopping. You will ooh and ah, and be blown away by the one and only Wèi!

Wèi: Er, Lingo?

(Poped out)

Lingo: Yes?

Wèi: There are just a few things I need.

Lingo: Oh, right. I see..

Wèi: I need something I can chop with my hands. And something big and beautiful to decorate the stage.

Lingo: Very good. Well, fly off and get the bits and bobs you need, Wèi! We'll get the rest of the show ready. Right, come on, you lot - chop-chop! Get it? Oh, nevermind..